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– Loan amount up to: $100k
– APR: 16.64% +
– Loan Term: 1 – 180 months
– Credit Score: Poor/Fair/Good/Excellent
– Loan amount up to: $35k
– APR: 4.79% – 35.99%
– Loan Term: 3 – 180 months
– Credit Score: Poor/Fair/Good/Excellent
– Loan amount up to: $100k
– APR: 6.26% – 15.12%
– Loan Term: 36 – 84 months
– Credit Score: Good/Excellent

Top Credit Repair Program

26+ years of experience
– Can improve credit scores

From late payments to charge-offs to bankruptcies, they have improved their credit, by removing practically every type of questionable negative item.

What is a Personal Loan?

Personal loans are for anyone. Most people that need or want a personal loan are in need of some quick money for a specific goal in mind. These goals can include paying off a large expense or to make a purchase of some kind. Others need it because they might have lost a job or another dire reason and need to float some personal payments until they get on their feet again. 

The Loan Exchange

After reading multiple reviews online, we’ve determined The Loan Exchange is a great option for both personal and business loans. 

They offer a quick 2 minute application and you’ll know what you qualify for in seconds.

Other Things to Consider

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a loan is what is your credit score. Typically, it’s fairly difficult to get a loan when your credit score is lower than the loan company’s minimum threshold. However, some of these companies will work with you to get you the money you need. 

We Find The Best

Our team spends a lot of time searching for top rated services so you don’t have to. After reading reviews, analyzing the company’s services and comparing against other similar services, we determined the best choice for this category.