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    Slow internet? Business internet services and personal internet can get bogged down. Broadband should be a utility that just works but that's just not our reality yet. Here are the broadband speed tests we trust to help you get to the bottom of the network problems behind your laggy connection whether you have 100 people or just yourself.

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    Internet Types. – Personal and Business

    Everyone needs internet: large businesses and individuals. The basics are the same, it's just access to the internet using routers, modems, phones, computers, etc… but not all of these are created equal. For instance, business internet solutions offer a much higher range of internet bands which allows 100s of users to use the same internet service.

    On the flip side, personal internet services can be extremely limited, especially if the hardware isn't allowing full connections. We'll dig into some internet speed testing tools below to help you choose:

    1. Online Speedtest by Ookla

    Ookla is the original provider of free online speed tests. As the global leader in internet speed testing, users can trust Ookla to deliver accurate results measuring performance and network diagnostics. With the click of a single button, users can take advantage of Ookla’s free speed test to find out the most unbiased information regarding their real-time internet speeds.

    Unlike some of the speed test providers here, Ookla is not an internet provider and thus does not have a conflict of interest when it comes to providing broadband speed tests.

    What’s great about Ookla’s Speedtest is that it offers users the opportunity to choose a test server anywhere in the world. While Ookla will automatically pair you up with a regional service, you can choose your own by clicking the ‘Change Server’ link and entering a search in the search bar. Along with upload and download speeds, they also perform a ping test. This is great for those who are curious about ping times between themselves and others in distant geographical regions.


    • Relatively Unbiased
    • Global Leader
    • Perform a ping test
    • Server Selection
    • Free


    • Ads
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    2. NetSpot

    Far more than just a simple speed test, NetSpot is a complete wireless auditor solution for analyzing wireless area coverage, network security, network feasibility and much more. NetSpot can help individuals and consumers determine the optimal set up for wireless networks through its analysis of wireless radio frequency behavior.

    With a full site survey, NetSpot can help you determine your WiFi coverage, find “dead” zones as well as help you to understand where to place the equipment to enable maximum coverage. With its data collections and data visualization software, users can collect important information about their networks and workplaces to optimize wireless network solutions.

    NetSpot also works wonders as a troubleshooter for solving issues related to network connectivity. Use NetSpot to resolve connection issues and identify sources of wireless interference all while receiving professional service and advice.


    • Holistic Wireless Diagnostic Service
    • A Huge Array of Features
    • Great for Businesses
    • Free for Personal Use


    • Complicated User Interface
    • Far More Than a Simple Speed Test

    3. Verizon Speed Test

    Verizon Wireless is the largest internet service provider in the United States with over 147 million customers. With so many customers and so many different internet plans, it’s no wonder Verizon offers a free speed test. While it’s simply good customer service to provide a free speed test to your customers, you have to wonder whether Verizon speed test results are actually impartial.

    Huge internet speed providers such as Verizon have vested interests in maintaining their public-facing credibility as top internet speed providers. With this in mind, users should also consider testing their internet speeds on one of the independent internet speed test sites. Nevertheless, Verizon’s free speedtest is simple to use and offers a range of tips and other information for users.


    • Intuitive user interface
    • Links to resources and other information
    • Free


    • Biased source
    • Large ad space for Verizon
    • US only

    4. Google Fiber Speed Test

    Google Fiber Speed Test is the best speedtest from Google, one of the original providers of fiber optics around the world. While fiber optics are known for offering some of the fastest speeds, most people rely on wireless connections to power their internet connections.

    While designed with Google Fiber in mind, Google Fiber Speed Test can be used to test any internet speed. The user interface is clean and minimalist, something users have come to expect from Google. Free from cluttered ads, users are directed to click the play button.

    Clicking the play button will begin the test, with results quickly appearing in the speedometer in the middle of the screen. Here Google also offers a link to learn more about speed testing in general, what affects speeds, and how to improve internet speed.


    • Perform a ping test
    • Simple User Interface
    • No Ads
    • Free


    • Potential Bias/not an Independent Service Provider

    5. Fast is an easy-to-use free Internet speed test site run by Netflix. It measures your download speed by testing your connection between your device and Netflix's servers, they use in their content delivery system.

    Simply visit — the official Netflix speed test website — and instantly your internet speed to be thrown up on the screen. If it’s a few Mbps less than what you’re expected, there’s no cause for concern.

    Netflix mainly expects this to be used by people who want to test if their current speed can handle Netflix content, however, the results you get are pretty similar to the results you'd get with a speed test directly from your ISP.


    • No Ads
    • Super Clean Interface
    • Test Runs On a Secure https Protocol


    • Lack of Information About Troubleshooting or Improving Connection Speeds


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